Tales from a Travelling Man

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening a flying visit to the exotic Far East in the company of our very own Neil Stewart with his Tales of a Travelling Man (remember he took us pole dancing last year - or that's what some of us had hoped!). Our second week on the trot of Scottish brogue too (the voice not the shoes)!

We started the evening in Bhutan with superb images of towering mountains (the Himalayas no less!), red and white monasteries apparently clinging for their lives on to the sides of the said mountains. Religion clearly plays a large part in the lives of the population and we saw plenty of saffron-robed monks gong about their business together with the many shrines, prayer flags and prayer wheels in the countryside and villages. We also learnt that in Bhutan the people receive free health care and education - no wonder they all looked so happy in Neil's informal portraits (or perhaps it was just his natural charm!!) - including the many immigrant women manual workers heaving heavy stones for buildings on their backs!

From Bhutan we travelled to Kathmandu in Nepal, famous for the Sherpas (Tensing in particular) and then on to Darjeeling where we saw something of the tea growing industry (perhaps we should have seen this before the tea break!). Neil's pictures showed us the iconic scenes of the women moving along the rows of bushes, picking the new shoots for our cuppas.

Finally Neil took us to Delhi's teeming streets crammed with people and traffic - much of it foot powered!

A great evening, Neil. We really enjoyed seeing your superb images of this colourful and busy region. Wonder what you'll show us next year?


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