Besides and Beyond

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Last week we had 3,2,1 - this week it was 365 - wot a mathematical lot we are! Actually, the presentation was called "Besides and Beyond". So why the importance of 365 (or 366 on one occasion)?

The evening's presenter was photographer, mountaineer and psychologist Ken Scott, author of "Photographing Changing Light - a Guide for Landscape Photographers". Last year he made a huge impression on club members when he gave a presentation on mountain photography. This year, it was 'now for something completely different'! Starting with the question "How many of you took a photograph today?" (of course, very few had!) he took us into a project he became involved in through his friends on Flickr. The challenge is to take a picture every day of the year. Easy?..... Nah! Think of the days when you're just too busy - commuting and working (or recovering from last night's party!).

Ken brought with him panels for each of the years he's now been doing this (since 2008 - there's the 366 bit!). Some of these images he projected on to the screen and talked about why he took a particular one or what the challenge of taking it was. It was very much a case of capturing the moment - such as the shadows on the bedroom wall first thing in the morning (now there's worrying - he takes his camera to bed - but he's a psychologist so he can explain it!) or something that caught his eye during the day. One thing was common to nearly all the images though - Ken's skill in using natural light to enhance his photographs. He points out that taking part in this project forces you to extend the bounds of your photography - sometimes well outside your comfort zone - and results in a widely diverse set of images.

We all found your talk extremely interesting and challenging, Ken! The question for each of us now is - what have I photographed today?


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