Print Competition No 3 - Textures and Patterns

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

There we were - all gathered together on Leap Day - with the certain proposal of a great evening of image viewing ahead of us! Yes - it was the print competition with the set subject Textures and Patterns, judged by he of the lilting Caledonian voice - Stan McCartin. Oh - and did we get the rather strong impression he's bought a new camera??

Well - he was certainly in for a difficult task as a pre-competition perusal of the prints showed a large number of very high quality images. Stan obviously thought so too judging by the number of high marks gained! He gave thorough comments on each image - and still managed to get through them all in good time (ie well before last orders!) - a very impressive achievement! His remarks based on detailed observation, coupled with his gentle humour ensured, as always when he judges, an extremely entertaining evening.

Congratulations to all those who achieved the coveted 20 marks. In the monochrome section these were Nigel Fenner for "Twisted Birch" and Bill Scott for "Collapsed Roof" (which was also awarded a star). In the colour print section there were maximum marks for Brian Jolley for "Synthetic Fossils", Sally Waygood for "Austrian Roof Tiles" (awarded a star),Tilly Jamieson for "Following the Pattern" and John Sexton - who scored 20 for both his entries - "Wool and Wood" (starred) and "Textures and Patterns of a Poppy"! Unsurprisingly, he came first in this section with the maximum 40 points followed by Brian Jolley,(2nd) with 39 points and Ivor Cowley (3rd) with 38 points. The winners of the monochrome section were Nigel Fenner who came 1st with 39 points, Bill Scott (2nd) with 38 points and Eric Needs (3rd) with 36 points.

Thank you to everyone who entered their prints and, of course, to Stan for superb (and entertaining) judging. Oh - and enjoy your new camera, Stan!


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