posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week a self-confessed snapper - Clive Jones from Oxford with images taken on his forays into that city (and beyond)!

Clive's photographs showed a keen eye for effective lighting conditions, creating striking images from apparently mundane subjects such as sections of shop signs, parts of buildings and street furniture.

Many of his superb images reflected street life - people pictured going about their everyday business; groups meeting and greeting; some innocently walking along the road, blissfully unaware of being recorded for posterity - the resulting photograph showing just a shoe or sometimes capturing the people's positioning and interaction with one another. Clive has a keen eye for what is going on around him, recording it graphically in his pictures. He tells a good story too - describing why and how he took each of the images.

Well - one of our chosen set subjects next season is Street Life - and what a good, inspirational session this was. Should have us all out in the streets of Reading (other towns are available!) snapping happily away at the bustling life around us. Thanks, Clive!


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