Natural History Competition

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It may have been 1st April but there was no fooling about with the excellent standard of entries in this year's Natural History Competition. With a total of 93 images to judge, Keith Adams rose to the occasion giving brief, constructive comments and marks before making a final decision as to who would be taking home the trophy.

Print Results (45 entries - monochrome and colour)

Three 20s were awarded to:

  • Ivor Cowley's - Corvus monedula (Jackdaw)
  • Tony Bates - Red-eyed Hunter
  • Tony Bates - Common Chimpanzee

Tony's Common Chimpanzee was selected as the best in this section.

Slide Results (4 entries)

No 20s were awarded in this section.

Digital Results (44 entries)

  • Sylvia Blackmore's - Pink Perfection
  • Nigel GLover-Wright's - Dik Dik
  • Brian Jolley's - Ring of Thorns
  • Geoff Storey's - Red Kite

Having selected Nigel's Dik Dik as the best in this section, Keith chose it as the overall winner of the competition. Many congratulations Nigel. Once again your name will be back on the "Nigel-Glover Wright Trophy"!

Well done to Ivor, Tony, Sylvia, Brian and Geoff for their 20s.

Also thanks to Keith for doing such an unenviable job so well.


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