JPCR 6-Club Battle

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This year's annual competition was held at the Burghfield Camera Club with Colin Harrison as the judge.The competing clubs were from:

  • Burghfield
  • Wokingham & East Reading
  • Goring & Streatley
  • Woodley
  • South Reading
  • Whitchurch Hill

Each club entered their best 5 prints and 5 digital images and the friendly battle commenced. By the refreshment break WHCC had taken the lead by just 1 mark from Woodley with Goring & Streatley following closely in third position.

In the second half Woodley just overtook WHCC (who tied with South Reading in this section). Full results as follows:

Digital Section

  1. Whithurch Hill - 94 Points
  2. Woodley - 93 Points
  3. Goring & Streatley - 89 Points

Maximum points of 20 were awarded to:

  • Steve Rock's(G & S) "4 by 4"
  • Davis Patterson's (SR) - Flower Special Effect
  • Bill Scott's (WHCC) - Siesta
  • Tony Bates's (WHCC) - Bluebell Wood

Print Section

  1. Woodley - 94 Points
  2. Whitchurch Hill - 91 Points
  3. South Reading - 91 Points

Maximum points of 20 were awarded to:

  • John Scotten's (W) - Stones Castlerigg
  • Graham Mulrooney's (WHCC) - Lacewing on a Seedhead
  • Ivor Cowley's (WHCC) - Iguana iguana

Overall Results

Congratulations to Woodley for taking the Trophy away from South Reading this year.

Well done to Ivor, Tony, Sylvia, Brian and Geoff for their 20s.The Trophy for Best Digital Image went to David Patterson's (SR) "Flower Special Effect"and the Trophy for Best Print went to Graham Mulrooney's (WHCC) "Lacewing on a Seedhead".Well done David and Graham.

Also congratulations to Ivor whose "Iguana iguana" gained the maximum 20 points in every external competion this season.

8 Members of WHCC travelled to Burghfield to support the club and enjoyed seeing different styles of photography.

Many thanks to Colin for being a very fair judge and special thanks to Burghfield Camera Club for their warm hospitality.


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