From Pole To Pole

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

A 'home grown' presentation tonight - one of our own members, Neil Stewart who took us on a journey from Pole to Pole - but despite looking (very hard) - didn't see one dancer! No, this was a Palin-esque journey, starting in the Arctic (where we did see some real Poles - scientifically surveying!) and ending in the far south. Neil's journey on a Russian ship took us through the freezing, iceberg-laden waters of the Arctic Ocean where we learnt about different types of iceberg and discovered what growlers are (other than annoyed polar bears). Neil treated us to some superb wildlife images such as those of walruses but the aaah! factor was reached when Neil showed his images of polar bears and their cubs - difficult to imagine that they are extremely dangerous, isn't it - till you see the size of their paws and, in particular, their claws!

The journey to the Antarctic, in the same ship, was very much in the steps of Shackleton. Here we saw Neil's great images of elephant seals, albatrosses, skuas and, of course, several varieties of penguin. Through Neil's pictures we experienced the Antarctic in a variety of moods - stormy (landings made impossible due to rough seas) through to flat calm (The Drake Passage no less!).

A really superb evening, Neil! We were all feeling rather warm at the start - but there was no need for air conditioning - your superb images of snow and ice-laden lands and seas made us all feel suitably chilly!


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