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Remember when you used to take your films into Boots (other shops are available) and get the negatives back together with a set of 6"x4" prints? Our re-creation of those days is the annual and very popular Enprint Competition, held this week.

Each entrant produced a panel of 5 "enprints" on a mounting board and all the club members present then voted each print out of 5 giving a possible total of 25 marks per entry.

As usual there was a superb field - 20 in all - with a diverse range of subjects from macro photography in nature to landscapes and portraits. We all spent the first half of the evening marking the panels - and a difficult job it is too! Finally, with the count finished, we were able to announce the winners - so congratulations to Graham Mulrooney (1st), Sylvia Blackmore (2nd) and Trevor King (3rd).

Many thanks, of course, to all 20 members who submitted panels for the competition.

The second half of the evening was devoted to another annual event - the club discussion. During this, our esteemed Chairman announced that the club outing this year is hopefully going to be to the Bristol Docks (for the Great Eastern), the Clifton Suspension Bridge and then on to our smallest city - Wells - which is full of photographic possibilities. Should be a great day out! The other major decision to be made was that of the set subjects for next season's competitions. The club members present voted for MUSIC and STREET LIFE.

All in all, a good, productive evening!!

The total scores for all the panels entered on Wednesday along with the top three panel details.

  1. Panel Z - Graham Mulrooney - 624 points
  2. Panel C - Sylvia Blackmore - 620 points
  3. Panel Q - Trevor King - 593 points
1 Z 624
2 C 620
3 Q 593
4 S 586
5 G 585
6 D 563
7 K 549
8 H 547
9 I 543
10 U 527
11 E 520
12 W 502
13 Y 495
14 J 491
15 X 487
16 T 486
17 R 483
18 B 439
19 F 428
20 V 424

A big Thank You to everybody who entered.


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