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England's eccentricities - that's what the programme said we were in for - should have immediately appealed to our esteemed Chairman (sorry about the fate of your traffic lights though!!). The title of the evening was From Naked Bike Riders to Tough Guys - now there's something to whet the appetite!! Another Alan C too - this time Alan Colgrave, an ARPS hailing from Pinner. Turned out he's a TV producer which certainly came through in his presentations.

We were treated to an evening of superb AV varying from the annual Pinner Wheelbarrow Race to the Tough Guy Race which seems to involve immersion in freezing water (after breaking the ice!), crawling through thick mud and under barbed wire - just the thing for a relaxing Sunday afternoon! There was also underwater (or undermarsh) bike riding with your tyres filled with lead and a snorkel (seems quite normal to me!).

We experienced parades and festivals, the sequences here containing some great informal portraits. There was a change in mood and subject as Alan showed us part of his presentation on South America (Ecuador and Peru) which again featured superb travel portraiture featuring the local inhabitants.

Finally, with the evening's title in mind - bike riders au naturel - and in London!! (takes place in Brighton too as well as cities around the world - highlighting green travel and transport). Glad the weather looked warm - shouldn't think there's anything worse than a freezing saddle!

Thanks, Alan for treating us to a great evening of superbly-produced AV.


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