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This evening we visited Hungary and Romania in the company of our very own Bill Scott.

In the first part of the evening Bill took us through Hungary where we were treated to some absolutely stunning images of its countryside, villages and towns. We travelled through the beautifully scenic countryside, villages and towns - and where were the people? Ah - in Budapest! Here was the two-part city of Buda and Pest with the Danube flowing through the centre, neatly dividing it in half! We saw photographs of the stately bridges crossing the river and the fine buildings on either side..... and there were the people - lots of them, especially on the bridges!

The second part of the evening was devoted to northern Romania, particularly the Marmures and Bucovina regions. In the former we saw pictures of the steeply-roofed and spired wooden churches which characterise the region; we paid a visit to the Merry Cemetery (now there's a thought!) and, in the villages, saw the imposing wooden gates to the houses, apparently designed to ward off evil! Moving to the Bucovina region Bill showed us images of the beautifully painted churches and monasteries. He also took us for a brief trip into nearby Ukraine.

An absolutely superb evening Bill - and many thanks for showing us your great images of these two Eastern European countries.

P.S. In the previous report (Print Competition), the eagle-eyed amongst you noticed a grammatical mistake!!! The 6th line from the bottom should, of course read "whose two entries.....". I am now sitting in disgrace in the corner with 100 lines!


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