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An evening with no pics!!!

Instead, members of the club flocked to the village hall in their annual pilgrimage to listen to the wise and wonderful words of our esteemed Chairman Alan. Well, actually we all came for the Annual General Meeting. I'm not going to report here what everyone said - it's either in the reports already emailed to all and sundry or will be in the minutes. Suffice to say that Alan is once again Chairman and we do have a committee and relevant officers! I do feel that an expression of thanks is appropriate here for Graham and Helen who have done sterling work as the secretary and treasurer respectively over the last number of years. The other big items of news are that the club voted to have an increased annual membership fee with no weekly subscriptions (which will be less onerous for the new treasurer) and, after many years, the demise of the slide ladder competition (that's it, then - all the slides back in the filing cabinet!).

It's great to know that our wonderful club is in such good shape - and we look forward to another superb (however, slideless) year. All in all, a good evening - with a late and subsequently hostelry-less finish! Ah well - can't all be perfect!


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