Slide & Digital Competition No. 1 - Open

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

There was a full house for the season’s first open competition of this season when the club welcomed Les Spitz for his first visit as a judge. He had quite a formidable task with 72 digital images and 16 slides to assess.


  1. Nigel Glover-Wright - 38 points
  2. Geoffrey Borrowdale - 37 points
  3. Danny Callcut & Nigel Fenner - 34 points

Two 20’s (maximum marks) were awarded to:

  • Nigel Glover-Wight - Stripes before my eyes
  • Geoffrey Borrowdale - Pilgrims on Sand


  1. Rod Norman & Eric Needs - 38 points
  2. Bill Scott, Ivor Cowley, Nigel Fenner & Tony Bates - 37 points
  3. Dorothy Wood, Graham Mulrooney, John Sexton & Paul Davies - 36 points

Five 20’s in this section were awarded to:

  • Rod Norman - Alcazar Bathing Pool, Sevilla
  • Eric Needs - Roman Orchid on Monti Moricone
  • John Sexton - Gone Fishin’
  • Tony Bates - Brighton West Pier
  • Nigel Glover-Wright - Dik Dik

These very close finishes make an excellent start for a highly competitive season to determine the winners of the trophies.

Congratulations to all the winners and authors of the twenties, in particular to John for his stunning image of a black bear catching a fish (Gone Fishin’), which the judge said was of national standard.

Many thanks to Les for his constructive comments and unenviable task of marking.

Finally, not least, thanks to Frank and Tony for all their work in presenting the images.


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