Practical Photography Group Meeting

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

We've all wondered about it at some time or another, haven't we? What goes on inside the mind of a photographic judge? We were about to explore a little of those dark recesses courtesy of Ken Lyndon from Goring - himself an experienced judge.

He explained the scoring of the various parts of each image: does it meet the criteria of the set subject? Is it technically acceptable? What's the composition like? What's its impact? - each of these gaining a possible 5 marks. Within this Ken looked at some vexed questions such as: is a photograph of a statue or a building an acceptable competition image? The answer he gave to this was that a 'straight' picture of these is really a record of someone else's work - unless the photographer has put some of his or her own creativity into the picture! Asked about borders on projected images, he doesn't like them to be too wide - but he doesn't tend to deduct marks for this - but we know some who do, don't we folks? So the answer is, if you add a border, make sure it's narrow and of an appropriate colour!!

After the break some brave souls offered some of their images for constructive criticism by the other members present, based on the criteria imparted to us by Ken.

Altogether, an extremely informative and useful evening. We've decided you're one of the good guys, Ken!


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