Shooting Raw - The Naked Truth

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Following his excellent talk at the Digital Group a couple of weeks ago, Carl Chilley again demonstrated the breadth of his knowledge of all things photographic by talking about shooting raw – nothing to do with naturism (especially in October!), but only to do with using a more versatile file type than jpeg.

The first half was spent learning some of the technicalities of photography, including how the human eye sees light compared with how our cameras see it. In the second half Carl showed us some examples of how images can be improved by raw processing before completing the process in our normal editor. He showed how overexposed and underexposed shots can be rescued and also how simple it is to correct a shot which had the wrong white balance set on the camera.

He explained the pros and cons of shooting raw, the main pro being flexibility and the main con being file size.

He also recommended an excellent book "Getting Started with Camera Raw" by Ben Long.

Many thanks Carl.


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