Underwater Photography

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week saw a presentation by Trevor Rees, a photographer that unlike most of us, enjoys getting wet - very wet, in fact submerged! Yes Trevor is an underwater photography enthusiast.

Trevor explained to the club how he started over 25yrs ago with this passion and how much he still enjoys it. He travels all over the world and has dived on many sites in varying conditions. Trevor counts his most precious memories as those taken in and around the UK and now very seldom ventures further than the UK shores.

The kit that an underwater photographer such as Trevor uses was all on display for us to look at and handle. Cameras dating back to the early Nikonos types up to the latest Nikon D80 with huge underwater housing with a price tag to match we suspect.

Trevor used many digital slides to explain the technical aspects of the hobby and how it differs from land based photography.

All the images on display were of the highest quality and the technical slides were very informative, so much so that the evening lasted probably half an hour longer than usual but nobody got up to leave and there was a silence most of the evening in awe of the fabulous images such as UK Pike, Perch, slugs, cuttlefish etc. and weird and wonderful things from far afield.

Graham Piper, standing in for the Chairman, summed up the evening by saying that the beginners would appreciate this show more than the more advanced as the more advanced had spent most of the evening racking their brains as to how to cope with diminishing colour balance, limited vision, limited feel for equipment, false perspective and distance, off camera flash settings, macro depth of field etc. etc. the list goes on and obviously Trevor had been all through this and made a successful job of overcoming them all to provide a fascinating talk punctuated with very impressive images. "I want a go now!!"


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