3 Out Of 7 - Gran Canaria, La Palma & Tenerife

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

About the Canaries we were told - but not a yellow feather in sight and not a tweet to be heard! No, this was a photographic visit to the Canary Islands courtesy of Joyce and Geoff Storey who have sensibly escaped there for several Christmases! We noticed a marked lack of Christmas commercialism, although a few renegade Santas were to be found skulking around! Apparently the Islands were named after the Latin for dog - Canis (here we are getting all learned again!) - and Joyce certainly found a few examples of canises to photograph!

During the evening we were treated to some lovely images showing colourfully painted seaside villages and black, volcanic sands (except when imported from the Sahara) next to the blue Atlantic- quite idyllic! We were introduced to traditional dancing - the dancers wearing local costume - in both photographs and video. Joyce and Geoff also took us inland, up into the mountains where goats and their attendant herders roam and the numbers of would-be intrepid volcano climbers are strictly limited. Indigenous species of plant and animal life didn't escape the Storeys' cameras and neither did interesting buildings and a plethora of sculptures!

Superb photographs, Joyce and Geoff. It looks an amazingly photogenic (not to mention warm) place to spend Christmas - so watch out - we'll all be there next year!!


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