Touching the Light

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Ken Scott travelled all the way from West Sussex to entertain us with his fascinating talk about mountain photography, with special emphasis on the role light plays.

As well as seeing some superb photographs and getting a number of useful tips, we also learnt about the fascinating phenomenon of Brocken Spectres, seen when the photographer is facing mist with the sun behind, throwing an eerie shadow with a bright ring (Glory Ring) around the head.

Many of Ken’s images were taken in Snowdonia, but we also visited Scotland, the Western States of America, the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, Corsica, the Lake District and Ken’s home area of the South Downs.

Unusually, Ken rarely uses a tripod, relying on very careful handholding, the use of natural supports or a beanbag. He said if he carried a tripod on his camping trips, he would have to carry less food!

His enthusiasm for mountains and photography came through very strongly and he was quickly invited back for next year.

Thank you, Ken, for a fascinating talk.


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