The Thames Uphill

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Starting from Grain in Kent, Rod Bird walked "uphill" along the Thames to its source in Gloucestershire. Rod told us that it was a primarily a walk rather than a photographic expedition, undertaken as a challenge after breaking his leg.

The first few days he averaged just over 20 miles a day, passing through industrialised areas towards London. At the Thames Barrier he joined the official Thames Path.

As he approached Berkshire we became more familiar with the route and, in fact, the Path goes within half a mile of our club meeting hall.

Trudging on through Oxfordshire, where the river becomes narrower, he reached the last navigable point at Lechlade and then on to the source, which was completely dry.

Rod kept us amused with his interesting anecdotes about the people he met and we enjoyed some different shots taken en route.


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