Winners' Enclosure

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Following on Royal Ascot, this meeting saw our own Winners' Enclosure. It certainly didn't fall short of its description in the programme as "an evening of photographic excellence"! This was display of the winning panels in the ladder competitions together with a selection of the images which gained the coveted 20 points.

What was really interesting was to hear the photographers talking about their images. We heard the stories behind many of these pictures together with some of the technical details. Amazing to hear of the sheer effort which goes into the production of some of the photographs such as the stacks of images blended to achieve all-over sharpness or the bringing of an idea to fruition through hours of painstaking trial and error!

Congratulations to all who won the ladders and/or achieved 20s, and thanks to all who brought along and shared their images with us.

Ah! And the passing of an era as the slide projector was taken down and packed away for the last time in club competitions! Perhaps a moment of respectful silence for long service??


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