PRINT COMPETITION No 2 - 'All in a Line'

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week saw the second of our print competitions for the year - this time with the set subject "All in a Line", judged by Gordon Roberts from Wallingford.

You'd think it was a straightforward subject wouldn't you? Get a number of animate or inanimate objects in a line - and Robert's your father's brother! Not so! Gordon pointed out before he started that there is a distinct difference between in a line and in a row - and he would use this when judging (he did, too!).

As always we were treated to some really superb images and, as expected, a wide interpretation of the subject. Gordon's comments were extremely detailed and helpful, with a wide range of marks ranging from 10 to 20, making it a very interesting evening. Even so he managed to get through all 60-odd entries by 10pm - no mean feat!!

Congratulations to the winners of the two sections and those who scored the coveted 20s!

In the monochrome section 20s were achieved by John Douglass for "Along the White Line" and Eric Needs for "Reflected Avenue". The overall winner in this section was Nigel Fenner whose two entries, "Nelson's Cannons" and "Waiting Cranes" scored an overall 36.

In the colour section, the 20s were "For the Journey" by Eric Needs and "Red, Red Wine" by John Sexton. The overall winner of the colour competition was Eric Needs whose two entries scored 39.

Thanks as always to all those who submitted entries for the competition and, of course, to Gordon Roberts for his excellent judging.


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