posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

....and now for something completely different! This week we were visited by Sally Miles, a professional photographer in the film industry. She has long experience in producing the stills pictures - those bits that we see on posters advertising the latest blockbuster.

The evening started with a quiz on films showing how much we did (or didn't!) know about major moneyspinning productions. Sally told us how she started working as a dresser behind the scenes in theatres - ripping the clothes off stars (to quickly dress them in the next costume I hasten to add!) - and graduating to use her skills as a photographer to capture images during film shooting. She quickly dismissed any thoughts of it being a glamorous job - dealing with temperamental actors and directors sounded distinctly like hard work!

An interesting evening showing a very different aspect of photography which we don't often hear about. Thanks very much to Sally for coming to enlighten us!


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