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Here we are - last day of term so to speak - don't time fly when you're having fun!

And this week it was the much-anticipated annual event - the AV competition and Christmas buffet, the former (and latter I suppose) to be judged by the assembled club members.

The first half of the evening was taken up by the AV competition - and what a variety of subjects there were! We were taken along the Rhône; sundrenched in Turkey; joined the happy throng of shoppers in Wallingford market; experienced the colours of autumn; visited cathedrals; walked in the footsteps of the Brontes; strolled round Seville; visited the Hawk Conservancy; went back in time in Pangbourne and experienced the maddest traffic lights in London!

Having allotted marks to these (in the dark, mark you - nothing's made easy in this club!) we all retired to the kitchen for the buffet - and wonderful it was too! Replete with food and drink we returned to the hall to hear the results which had been totted up whilst we were all eating. The winner was "Cathedrals Express" by Rod Norman which scored 443 points, followed by our beloved Chairman's mad traffic lights scoring 437 points and in third place "Pangbourne As It Was" by Ian Nash with 424 points.

Many thanks to all those who submitted entries - it made a superb end to the first part of our season - and congratulations to the winners!

Thanks as well to all those who slaved over hot cookers to prepare our seasonal buffet - it was delicious!


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