posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

A fair bit of travelling this week, first to western Africa and then to the USA in the care of Rachel Paton - one of our very own!!

For the first half of the evening we were in Africa, or to be more precise, Namibia. Here we were treated to superb images of this varied and spectacular country. We saw the wonderful and famous sand dunes which characterise its desert regions and discovered that the young and energetic (excludes me, then!) can clamber up these gradually moving mountains of sand and roll down again (if so inclined!). Rachel also took us through its bush country, its grassland and its coastal area where we saw some great images of the birds and other animals inhabiting this country and, of course, the Namibian people who were well represented in her photographs.

After the refreshment break we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to see some of Rachel's images of the famous Canyon area in the USA with its spectacular rock formations and deep, twisting ravines, ending with a visit to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your images with us - a really interesting and enjoyable evening!


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