posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Big turnout this evening - extra seats needed and the possibility of standing room only for any latecomers! It was the second of our competitions for digitally projected images with the subject being "All in a line". The judge for the evening was Peter Prosser APAGB from Harrow (the club, not the school!). He said he'd visited us before but even our much esteemed Chairman can't remember that (mind you, at his age...). However, if he has been before, we can't have put him off much, can we?

Anyway, on to the really important bit - the pics themselves. There was a large entry (as expected) with a wide interpretation of the subject. Boris's Bikes featured well as did lavender fields. The natural world was amply represented with images of seagulls on posts, and other waterfowl (they seem to organise themselves better in lines than other species of birds, don't they?). We also found that zebra can form a line and so can stampeding buffalo (think that's what they were)! Trees naturally made a strong appearance as they are really good at forming lines. We also had the army (well, if they can't form lines who can?) and even Thomas the Tank Engine! However -no sets of railway lines!

Peter gave constructive comments on each picture and for future reference we found out he doesn't like posters etc in them as he wants to read each one and finds this distracting.


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