posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

A return visit this week by the ever popular Mike Wilkes FRPS - he of the midlands twang and the incredible photos of wildlife!

This time we didn't have to travel to far-flung places (please ignore the Chairman's comment in the programme!) 'cos today we were treated to superb pictures of wildlife in Britain. Mind you - the voyeuristic element was still there - whatever he photographed seemed to be at it (know what I mean?) - with subsequent pictures of the cute and fluffy results!

Mike kept us all spellbound with his pictures of birds in flight and others of water fowl above their perfect reflections. With almost every picture you could hear the barely-muted oohs and aahs from the audience - and as everybody knows - we're a choosy lot!!!

What really completes Mike's presentations is his commentary - a keen sense of humour running through the whole thing making the evening not only full of breathtaking photography but entertaining to boot!

Thanks for coming again Mike - we look forward eagerly to your next visit!


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