From Agfa to Zero

posted by Alan Copeland in Club Meetings

Paul Mitchell was tonight's guest and he gave a fascinating presentation explaining how he uses different types of camera to achieve very different results.

He showed us a number of his cameras ranging from a fifties Agfa folding camera to a modern day Zero pinhole camera (exposure time four seconds to four days depending on lighting conditions) which included a Bronica, a Carrilux wooden bellows camera, a FujiPan and a Polaroid. Paul explained how each camera worked and it was fascinating to see the different effects achieved particularly from the Polaroid which he worked on a "Negative transfer" basis rather than the usual positive print.

Paul's photographs were incredible - full of detail and beautiful colours particularly his sunrise shots when he was out shooting before 4 00 in the morning.

All locations were in the British Isles, his favourite area being Southwold and the Suffolk coast. We saw great images of Southwold Pier and the infamous beach huts as well as Aldeburgh, Orford Ness and the original port at Felixstowe. Further afield, we were taken to many locations including Banborough Castle, the Yorkshire Moors and West Wittering on the South Coast.

Many thanks, Paul, for sharing your cameras and images with us.


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