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So - what were you doing on 29th April - remember that far back? And if you can remember what you did - were you able to take photos of it???

Well, that was what Graham set us to do over six months ago - and tonight we saw the results.

A number of people seemed to be glued to the telly to see the happy couple joined in holy dreadlock - oh sorry - wedlock! As a result we were able to see whose TV set had the best picture. The prize for this must surely go to the chairman who also presented a picture of himself in white (obviously as a mark of respect) shorts whilst watching the event! (mind you we've seen him in worse!).

It was good to see the day's events didn't stop some people working - proof in a picture of Tony B in his office (nice bit of fisheye though Tony!)

Several other people had headed out to the Royal Village of Bucklebury Common. Lots going on there - and what a lot of TV crews came to film quaint old English village celebrations. Other pictures came from further afield like London (looked like something was going on there!).

Finally the digital projector was switched off and we finished with David Probert's slides - yes folks -slides! - of his and Angela's day at that other royal seat, Balmoral - and it was sunny all day there!(Who said it always rains in Scotland? Bet the midges were active though!).

A big thank you to all who took pictures and brought them along to share with us and, of course, thanks as well to Graham for organising the evening (on Helen's birthday too!).


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